How to start-up in the technology sector

Many of the best-known technology businesses were started by individuals, often working from their own living rooms. If you have an idea you think could meet a need within the IT sector and generate a healthy profit, how do you go about setting up in business? Write a business plan Firstly, you need to have … Continue reading How to start-up in the technology sector

Lending charges hamstringing small firms

The cost of loans imposed by banks is hindering the ability of small firms to drive economic recovery, it has been claimed. Recent figures published by the Bank of England showed that some small firms are paying double the amount charged their larger counterparts for loans. The Federation of Small Businesses (#FSB) argued that the … Continue reading Lending charges hamstringing small firms

Are you managing for growth?

Recent research shows that owner-managers of small and medium sized businesses have doubled the amount of time they spend growing their businesses compared with six months ago. On average, SME leaders spend almost a third of their working week exclusively focused on planning and delivering growth compared with just 13% of their time six months … Continue reading Are you managing for growth?