Lending charges hamstringing small firms

The cost of loans imposed by banks is hindering the ability of small firms to drive economic recovery, it has been claimed. Recent figures published by the Bank of England showed that some small firms are paying double the amount charged their larger counterparts for loans. The Federation of Small Businesses (#FSB) argued that the … Continue reading Lending charges hamstringing small firms

Reducing the cost of business finance

Despite reports that bank lending to small businesses is still failing to meet targets, there is increased demand for credit from small businesses seeking among other things to refinance existing loans and to fund a growing amount of takeover activity. Whether your business is in either of these categories or you are seeking finance for … Continue reading Reducing the cost of business finance

Lessons from the recession – think the unthinkable

If there is one thing we have all learnt from events of the last two years it is that change happens – often without warning, and sometimes with catastrophic consequences.  We have also seen how many businesses were blindsided by events for which they were to a greater or lesser extent unprepared. True, there is … Continue reading Lessons from the recession – think the unthinkable