Have you written a will? 60% of adults h

Have you written a will? 60% of adults haven’t

More than half of UK adults have not written a will, new research reveals.

The figures from Unbiased.co.uk suggest that 29.5 million adult Brits are without a will, despite the fact that one in five expects to leave more than £10,000 in savings when they pass away.

A quarter of those without a will in place say that they plan to make one when they get older, while it had not occurred to 11 per cent to write one.

Rather worryingly, 10 per cent of those without a will believe that their estate will go to the right people automatically, when the reality is that complex rules of intestacy are in place, that must be followed if a will is not written.

The figures coincide with the launch of ‘Write a Will Week’ today. Commenting, Karen Barrett, chief executive of unbiased.co.uk said, “Thinking about the possibility of something bad happening to you is never an easy topic but nonetheless, it is hugely important. Our research clearly shows that the nation is gripped by ‘wills apathy’, whether that is putting it off until they are older or incorrectly believing their estate will automatically go to the right people.

“This is our third annual ‘Write a Will Week’ campaign and the topic continues to be as important as it was three years ago. Many people are simply unaware of the control that having a will gives you and its importance in ensuring your loved ones receive what you intend for them.”

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