Social media and networking site #Facebo

Social media and networking site #Facebook has launched a guide for small businesses (#SME) that want to use the website to help build an online presence.

The guide was launched last month, and covers everything from building a page about your business, to promoting your business through its advertising service and sponsored stories.

Tips provided in the guide include:

• Adding a ‘Like’ button to your page so that people can engage with your Page and share with friends
• Giving people a reason to check your Page often, and providing rich content for them to share and interact with

According to Facebook, word of mouth marketing has been found to be two times more effective at driving traffic and results than traditional advertising.

Facebook currently has more than 750 million active users.

The guide comes as recent statistics from Experian revealed that one in five visits to the fastest growing SMEs online came from a social network in June 2011. The most popular source was Facebook, which accounted for nearly 12 per cent of all visits to Experian’s top ten fastest growing SMEs.

Commenting, Simon Streat, managing director at Experian UK & Ireland said: “In order to continue to grow, SMEs need to use effective online marketing, by harnessing the latest tools and tactics to increase their visitor numbers, raise their profile and help source new customers.”

If you would like to know more about how Social Media could help your business you might like to consider joining us at our Social Media and your business seminar on 20 October

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